Department Of Social Welfare

To provide and promote quality social welfare services aimed at alleviating poverty, reducing destitution, promoting family values and reducing juvenile delinquency. 
The Department’s programmes can be divided into two, namely statutory and non-statutory services. Statutory services involve the administration of pieces of legislation and services include correctional services, adoption, foster care, anti-human trafficking and sexual and gender based violence.  
The statutes governing these services are: 
Juveniles Act cap 53 of the Laws of Zambia
Adoption Act cap 54 of the Laws of Zambia 
Probation of Offenders Act cap 93 of the Laws of Zambia
Affiliation and Maintenance Orders Act cap 64 of the Laws of Zambia 
Anti-Human Trafficking Act 11 of 2008
Anti-Gender Based Violence Act 1 of 2011
Non-statutory services are those that are not backed by pieces of legislation such as the Public Welfare Assistance Scheme, the Social Cash Transfer Scheme, Care for Older Persons and Places of Safety.